Institute of the Sacred Heart

Private, State-Accredited School
Pre-school, Elementary School,
Middle School and
High School with experimental classes in
Classical, Scientific, and Linguistic fields


The Institute of the Sacred Heart, founded in Paris, in 1800, by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, opened a boarding school in Florence, in 1881, for the Christian instruction and education of young girls. The program of studies at that time offered an excellent cultural education based on artistic, literary, linguistic, historical, philosophical studies.

Eventually, the need was felt for educational titles recognized by the State, and so the Middle School and High School were established and legally approved in 1939. To these were later added the current Pre-school and Elementary School.

In 1974, the High School became a "Liceo Sperimentale" (having a unique program of classes approved by the State) with three fields of study: Classical, Scientific, and Linguistic, with the possibility of taking the State final exam in each field.

With the passing of time, many transformations were introduced in the various types of study. The latest are currently in use. Unchanged, however, are the Christian principles that have always animated the activity of the Institute founded on these three closely linked realities: instruction - education - supernatural end of the human person.

Educational Program and Spirit of the Institute

Like every school, this Institute seeks to provide an environment which fosters the promotion and growth of the entire person, through a lively encounter with our heritage and culture.

In this school, the goal of instruction is the education of the person, that is, to construct the person from within, liberating him from inevitable conditionings.

As a "Catholic School," this Institute bases everything on the Christian conception of reality, of which Jesus Christ is the center and foundation.

  • The educational plan of a Catholic school cannot be separated from this foundation which allows the person to live, think, will and act according to the Gospel.
  • It is therefore necessary that faculty members of this Institute share this Christian view of reality. It is through this vision that Evangelical principles become educational norms, interior motives, and final goals.
  • The educational community offers to its students a lively and animated school which sparks interests through a continual contribution of ideas, initiatives, and activities.
The Spirit of the Institute Objectives
Christian Humanism Inspired by the Sacredness of Human LifeEducate the whole person by means of a solid intellectual formation, an attentive and critical conscience, and the good habit of reasoning. Make students sensitive to human and spiritual values.
Fidelity to an Educational Tradition Reawaken the capacity of choosing, ordering, and personalizing exterior stimuli in order to create a correct orientation of one's life, according to the specific vocation of each individual.
Pluralism and LibertyEducate towards freedom, coherency and responsibility. Know how to encounter and understand the "other" and learn to accept and respect him. Help each person to develop his uniqueness and personal qualities.
Openness and Attention to the Contemporary WorldStudy accurately foreign languages at every level. Use proper forms of speaking. Know and use specific technical and computer terms (for the middle school and high school).
Study economics, jurisprudence, and law.
Sense of Work and EffortCreate for all the students a calm and serene environment with a privileged location in the midst of nature. Teach to respect ones surroundings and encourage everyone to cooperate in maintaining order and cleanliness, and to avoid disorderly or vandalous acts. Require attention and effort on the part of all.

Formation Proposal of the Institute

The present formative plan of this Institute which includes the Pre-school, Elementary School, Middle School and High School with experimental classes in the three fields, Classical, Scientific, and Linguistic, is presented to the parents, students, teachers, and all those who desire to know that which this school offers in order to make an informed choice.

The Institute of the Sacred Heart receives students from various parts of the city and surrounding suburbs. It also accepts children with handicaps or disabilities.

There is a boarding school for students from other regions that desire to attend the Elementary, Middle or High School of the Institute.

There are also rooms, separated from the boarding school, offered for University students studying in Florence.

There exists a normal relationship with the Scholastic District and the Didactic Direction for the Pre-school and Elementary School; for the Middle School and High School there are frequent connections with the Industrial Associations and the various orientation initiatives of the university faculties of Florence and outside of Florence.



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